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Reading Fortune’s Formula by William Poundstone, I find this anecdote about Claude Shannon, the towering genius who invented information theory: Claude built things with his hands, almost compulsively, from youth to old age. One project was a telegraph set to tap out messages to a boyhood friend. The friend’s house was half a mile away. […]

The tail end of this interview with Jonathan Blow captures a split in the classroom as well as on the screen. There is the challenge, with bits of story stuck in it. But do the challenge and the story generate each other, or is the challenge just there to space out the story? And is […]



Interesting article from the Boston Globe about how cities make us dumber. I would make many of the same claims about the design of much of the curriculum students have to deal with. Reading noisy pages is hard for adult readers, as many of the studies in this book by Colin Wheildon show. Put words […]

Can schools be charismatic? How about schools within schools? For all the cheese around the book (always be suspicious of books with a numbered list in the title), isn’t it worth a try?

What is wrong with Scholastic’s new marketplace of ideas?