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Somehow guest blogger Randi Weingarten managed to say everything I have wanted to say to the curt partisans at eduwonk. Naturally it’s long and wonky, but worth a read if you want to understand teachers’ concerns these days.

Young brains


All the skepticism about neuroscience telling us about mind applies, butthis article from the Economist is interesting. If I follow the conclusions correctly, it says that one network of brain functions handles new challenges and another evaluates longer-term plans. In the minds of children, however, these are one network, with the long-term functions wrapped inside […]

NYT reports on the decline in unstructure d play in the lives of U.S. children. I might even say: A collapse. It seems earlier generations of kids were turned out of the house to play. But then there were clusters of children running about playing, inventing things to do in cul-de-sacs and bridges, parks and […]